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    Drop Dead Diva, Season 3

    Starts Sunday 14th September

    Acclaimed by critics and adored by viewers, the dazzling third season of Drop Dead Diva is the most delightful and deliriously funny yet! 

  • csi_-_generic_-_1600_x_900_px

    C.S.I. - Season 8

    Starts Tuesday 2nd September

    A fast-paced drama about a passionate team of forensic investigators...

  • harlem_nights_-_web_marquee_image_1600_x_900_px

    Harlem Nights

    Friday 5th September

    Written and directed by Eddie Murphy, Harlem Nights co-stars all-time great Richard Pryor, as these two comic geniuses head back into the 1930s in this action-packed adventure.


  • no_country_for_old_men_1600_x_900_px

    No Country for Old Men

    Wednesday 10th September

    A multi Academy Award winning crime drama

  • coming_to_america_1600_x_900_px

    Coming to America

    Friday 12th September

    Starring Eddie Murphy as a pampered African prince who rebels against an arranged marriage and heads to America to find a bride!

  • in_god_we_trust_-_web_marquee_image_1600_x_900_px

    In God We Trust

    Wednesday 24th September

    Innocent Brother Ambrose sets out to find money to save a monastery from bankruptcy - his education in worldliness is provided by a hooker! 

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